How to give up smoking

Smoking causes a lot of problems and harm and unfortunately it is very wide spread amongst the Muslims. It is a major causes of lung cancer and other diseases and even death. And as Islam makes Haraam everything that harms a person, then smoking is Haram.

A good and easy way to give up smoking or another bad habit is to say ‘O Allah, every time I smoke, or every time I do this bad thing, I’m going to make my wudu and do raka’aats and ask you again to help me to stop’.

Then do the two raka’aats and carry on doing the two raka’aats everytime you smoke. Brush your mouth with the Miswak, make wudu and pray with concentration and say ‘O Allah, please help me to stop’.

After a while it will become tiresome, because smoking will mean making wudu and then two raka’aat, making wuduu and then two raka’aat etc. So next time you want to have a cigarette, you will say to yourself, let me delay it for a bit, and after a while, you will say to yourself, I’ve now delayed it for quite a while and my willpower is getting stronger, so insha’allah you will give it up totally.